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Alexander Mitta



Alexander Mitta


Kristina Schneidermann, Leonid Bichevin, Anatoly Beliy


Elizaveta Lesovaya


Historical Drama, 120 min, SHiM FILM, Russia, 2014

original title

CHAGALL – MALEVICH language Russian


The film is an attempt to recreate the world of Marc Chagall and his myth within the genre of a folklore ballad. We are not exploiting Chagall’s images, but are attempting to create a dramatized projection of his creativity onto the movie screen, relying on both, facts and fantasy (as Chagall himself would). The story is based on real events which occurred at the time of Chagall’s short-lived Vitebsk “commissariat” in 1917–18, during which time he creates the Academy of Modern Art, inspired by his dreams of a bright and beautiful future. Many pictures by Chagall and Malevich are used in the film.

Festivals and awards:

Over 20 festival screenings including Montreal IFF (Canada), Festival of Mediterranean Films (Slovenia), Busan IFF (Korea), Haifa IFF (Israel), Warsaw IFF (Poland), IFF Russian Resurrection (Australia), Film Festival of Russian cinema „Sputnik”, Palm Springs IFF (USA), Fondazione Cineteca Italiana special screenings (Italy), (USA), Finish-Russian Society screenings (Finland), Atlanta Jewish FF, New Jersey Jewish FF, Los Angeles Jewish FF (USA), Young about IFF (Italy), Martha's Vineyard IFF (USA), Minneapolis St. Paul IFF (USA), Windsor Jewish FF and Toronto

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