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Petr Tochilin



Vladimir Tolokinnikov, Marus Jampolskikh, Liva Kruminja, Mark Geykhman


Konstantin Buslov, Sergey Dolgosheyn, Sergey Selyanov


Fantasy comedy, 92 min, Russia, 2006

оriginal title HOTT@BYCH language Russian


Gena is a programmer by vocation and a hacker for real. He is a good guy, but he has a real problems: his girlfriend left him, the mobsters are looking for him, and he is wanted by secret services. Only the miracle can save him and this miracle surely happens. Hottabych, the djinn, who was imprisoned for several thousand years in the separate cell-pitcher, appears in Gena’s life.

Hottabych is ready to fulfill three wishes of his liberator. But Hottabych has a problems too – he is wanted by his ancient enemy Shaitanych. Saving themselves from their enemy, Gena and Hottabych fly by magic carpet over the Red Square, they travel in the networks of the World Wide Web and practice magic: they transform people into things, and things into people…

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