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Directed by Kirill & Ksenia Sakharnov
Documentary 86’, Czech Republic – Israel (2023)


Documentary 86’, Czech Republic – Israel (2023)

A man confronting a totalitarian state: on August 25, 1968 Viktor Fainberg

(who passed away in France in January 2023) took part in the legendary Red

Square demonstration against the Soviet -led invasion of Czechoslovakia.

He was subjected to the heaviest repression in the USSR: punitive psychiatry.

Rather than falling into despair, he managed to organize an international

campaign against the use of psychiatry for political purposes from his prison cell.

“The whole world should know about the bravery of Soviet dissidents during

communism. And the

brilliant new film ‘Madly in dissent’ is a great way for people to know

more. It deserves to be screened widely.”

Acclaimed British journalist Tom Gross


“An illuminating testimony, an extraordinary portrait of an extraordinary

personality. A personality that transcends all ordinary parameters.”

lya Rips, dissident, Professor (Emeritus) of Mathematics at the Hebrew

University of Jerusalem

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