Alexey Balabanov



Yuriy Matveev, Alexander Mosin, Oleg Garkusha, Alisa Shitikiva


Sergey Selyanov


Fantasy drama, 83 min, CTB Film Company, Russia, 2012

оriginal title

YA TOZHE HOCHU, language Russian


Five passengers – the Bandit, his friend Matveyev, Matveyev’s old father, the Musician, and a young woman – race along an empty road in a big black jeep, searching for the Bell Tower of Happiness which, according to hearsay, lies somewhere between St. Petersburg and the town of Uglich, near a deserted nuclear power station. The Bell Tower transports people, but not everyone. Each of the five passengers believes that he or she will be chosen.

festivals & awards

Venice IFF, Italy; Indie IFF, Brazil; Helsinki IFF, Finland; Rio IFF, Brazil 27; Seville IFF, Spain; Sputnik FF, Poland; Cottbus IFF, Germany; Panorama of European cinema, Greece; B FilmFestival, Chile; Kustendorf, Belgrade, Serbia; Tromso IFF, Norway; Goteberg FF, Sweeden; Rotterdam IFF, Netherlands; Festival of CIS countries, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia Kinoshok, Russia: Russian Film Critics Award; FF 2morrow / Tomorrow, Russia: Best Script and Audience Award; Transilvania IFF, Romania