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Valery Fokin



Yevgeny Mironov, Igor Kvasha, Tatyana Lavrova


Leonid Bic, Oleg Lerner, Igor Pogrebinsky


Fantasy Drama, 80 min, Meyerhold Centre, Russia, 2002

оriginal title PREVRACSHENIE language Russian


“Pic’s ace is young actor Yevgeny Mironov, who transforms himself into a giant insect without special effects or cockroach costume” (Debora Young “Variety”)

Psychological drama, after Franz Kafka.

Gregor Samza wakes one morning after a night of uneasy dreams and finds himself literally and symbolically transformed into a huge, repulsive, and fatally wounded insect. He must now learn to rely upon himself. His family and servants are scared to death and they start behaving cruelly to him. As an insect, Samza is much more humane than his relatives. An absurd character living in an absurd world, finally dying in despair.

festivals & awards

20 festival selections, Gatchina (Russia) – Grand Prix for Best Adaptation, Best Actor

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