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Igor Voloshin



Olga Sutulova, Maria Shalaeva, Artur Smol’yaninov, Mikhail Evlanov, Andrey Khabarov


Sergey Selyanov, Irina Pavlova


Social Drama, 89 min, CTB Film Company, Russia, 2008

оriginal title

NIRVANA language Russian


Alisa is a young attractive girl waiting for changes in her life. She shares a spacious apartment in St. Petersburg with several other people, an elderly woman who owns the apartment and a young girl Vel. Vel`s boyfriend Valera Myortvy lives there as well. Vel bartends in a night club. She doesn`t trust anybody relying only on herself. Valera is involved in a drug deal. He owes money to a drug dealer who loses his patience and temper and cuts off Valera`s finger. The ominous package is sent to Vel. She tries her best to raise 10 000 dollars to save the guy. With Alisa`s help she succeeds. After Vel pays the money to the drug dealer she finds herself alone and not needed by her boyfriend anymore. Alisa is the only person she can trust.

festivals & awards

Berlin (Forum), Warsaw, Brussels

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