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Film #1. The break up

Film #2. The Bell

Film #3. Applause

Film #4. The Herald

Film #5. The Bridle

Film #6. Crossing The River

Film #7. The Loneliness

Film #8. The Tanks

Film #9. The Convocation

Film #10. The Cost



Irina Bessarabova, Alexander Guryanov, Vyacheslav Padalka,


Documentary film, 286 min, Russia, 2009

оriginal title  EKSPRESS ROSSIYA language Russian




What does a simple Russian man need the Parliament for? Which Duma is better – today’s or the Tsar’s? And what about Stalin’s Supreme Soviet? Why did Yeltsin shot the Russian White House? Why did Ivan the Terrible drowned Velikiy Novgorod in blood? Who is right? Those who say that Russians - are Asians, and that democracy for them is like a nail inside a shoe or a bone in their throat, or is it those who try to prove that the sovereignty of the people in Russia is six centuries older than the tsars?

A hundred years ago, under the roar of the first Russian revolution, the first Russian parliament came into existence. The genial composer Shostakovich was born in the same 1906 year.

FREEDOM RUSSIAN STYLE – contains of 10 films about the difficult ways of the democracy and freedom.

It contains 5000 unique photos and rare documentary footage.

This is a journey to the ancient and to the new Europe, the pages of the history of France and Island, England and Switzerland, Spain and Sweden.

This is the interviews with politicians and deputies of the State Duma.

This is the opinions of the private Russian voters and scientists – historians, legists, demographers.

This is the immortal music of Shostakovich.

This is Yuri Shevchuk – the popular singer, poet and composer, deliberates the sharp turns of the history of the Homeland.





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