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Vera Glagoleva


Alexander Baluev, Mikhail Khmurov, Natalia Surkova, Julia Melnikova, Natalia Kudryashova, Anna Nakhapetova

Ksenia Surkova, Fedor Koposov


Vera Glagoleva, Natalia Ivanova


Drama, 85 min,Horosho Production, Russia, 2009

оriginal title ODNA VOYNA language Russian





The movie opens unknown pages of history of the WWII.

May, 8, 1945. Maxim an Internal Affairs officer arrives in a small northern island. There are five young women, five small children, and a captain.
The mothers were exiled to the island from the territories occupied by fascists, and their children are the children of Germans.
The major has to “clean up” the island. The military authorities plan to set up a training camp for saboteurs, and the island will be erased from maps. In the morning a boat will come to take the mothers and the children away. But their fate is unknown.


festivals & awards

Montreal IFF; Cairo IFF – Prize for Artistic contribution;; Moscow premiere FF – Grand Prix; Golden Fenix FF (Russia) – Grand Prix; Golden Minbar IFF (Russia) – Grand Prix; Window to Europe IFF (Russia) – Silver Castle; Constellation FF (Russia) – Best Actor, Special Jury Prize; Sofia IFF – Grand Prix 



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